General view of the scientific activity

The scientific activity includes three scientific branches : Cereal technology and protein chemistry ; micro-elements and plant nutrition; and crop intensification .

Cereal technology and protein chemistry branch:

Mathematical equations to deduce the iso- electric point of true protein with information about amino acids glutamic + aspartic (A) and lysine + arginine (B) of cereals seed were suggested . Log A/B ratios and IEP of proteins obtained from chemical analysis, as well as data obtained from literature, were used to establish these mathematical equations . the differences between values calculated from the suggested equations and those obtained from chemical analysis were not significant. These mathematical equations were published in addition to other publications during 1983 -1989 .

Micro-elements and plant nutrition branch:

The attention of this branch was since 1984 up to 1993.The interest includes :

*-preparation and implementation an expanded program of major field crops ( rice, wheat, cotton and maize) ( Soil Fertility Project).

*-Preparation and implementation an extension program for the use of blue-green algae in all districts of Dakahlia governorate (Soil Fertility Project ).

*- Overseeing the establishment and preparation of regional lab (Dakahlia governorate ) for soil and plant analysis, also , training the technicians .

*- Participate in Research project at the National Research Center for to assess the impact of micro-elements on various crops .

According to the accumulated experiences . new micronutrients formulation has been innovated , this formulation was licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture . Scientific study ( M.sci. Thesis ) was done by Faculty of Agriculture , Mansoura University to study the effect of some compounds of foliar fertilizers on characteristics of wheat yield and yield components . The new formulation ( Nervaten –Vet ) gave the highest yield and yield components compared with the other compounds under the study .This study is available on the website “”.

Crop intensification branch :

The importance of this branch began since 1986 , first formulas for economic evaluation of intercropping systems from the perspective of crop intensification and at the same time as predictive formulas to predict the success of intensive crop systems from farmer ,s perspective were published in 1993 . The number of published formulas till now were 19 . Some of these formulas published in research papers and the others published in book in 2011 , and the publisher was LAMPERT Academic Publishing , Germany (128pages . ISBN 978-3-8454-0246-8.and 160 pages. ISBN 978-3-659-52049-5 ) . These formulas covered intercropping and crop sequences systems . Now, these formulas are used for evaluation of the intercropping systems studies either in the research papers or M.sci. Thesis .

For the easy usage of these formulas , a web application has been designed on the website ”” .

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